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An Introduction to LiveTrade DApp’s Membership Program

LiveTrade Membership Program

With Membership Program, LiveTrade provides many privileges for users to enjoy on the LiveTrade DApp.

With the aim to diversify the use case of LTD tokens and offer more benefits to the community, LiveTrade officially launched the DApp on KardiaChain in July 2021. The DApp was designed with unique and exclusive features that are derived from LiveTrade’s key products and services, including the DIPO model, tokenized stocks as well as digital asset lending and borrowing.

To honor our long-term supporters and foster the stable growth of the LiveTrade ecosystem, we established a membership program that revolves around LTD tokens. By joining this program, users will be entitled to a variety of privileges as the LiveTrade team looks for a win-win relationship where the community will enjoy the most benefits from us.

1. What is LiveTrade membership NFT and how to acquire it?

LiveTrade membership token is an NFT designed for LTD holders who are long-term investors with stable trust on LiveTrade. The membership levels consist of Standard, Deluxe, Elite, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Users can acquire membership NFTs by exchanging LTD tokens during the NFT offering.

2. Membership Program

The accompanying benefits will vary depending on the ranks that users acquire. Users can redeem their membership NFTs for LTD but have to bear a 1.25% fee. The NFTs are transferable but forfeit their redeemability after being transferred. To have a deeper look at the membership requirements, please refer to the following table:

Owning LiveTrade membership NFTs, users are entitled to a set of interests and benefits, including:

Seed/Private allocations*

Users of each level will enjoy access to different allocations for DIPO or other joint projects from LiveTrade’s partners. Specific allocation will vary for each project.

Exclusive bonuses & rewards

Members can get priority in events from LiveTrade and its partners, i.e. increasing the chance to receive airdrops or the rewarded amount. The higher level you reach, the more you will receive.

Better interest rates for Lending (REPO) and Staking

Users owning membership NFTs can take advantage of preferential interest rates when using Staking and Lending services on DApp and the mobile app once the features become available. 

Incentives on LiveTrade App

As stated in our whitepaper, LTD will be utilized in the core products and services of LiveTrade, including LiveTrade App. By getting membership NFTs, users can reap the benefit of better trading rates on the application and other discounts on premium features such as cashback, social trading, etc.

Moreover, a special offer provided for members is the right to acquire DIPO tokens right on LiveTrade App. This crossover is an interesting highlight in combining traditional and digital asset trading on this all-in-one app.

Exclusive discount & features on NFT trading

The membership NFTs will be tradable on the marketplace. LiveTrade also allows trading NFT tokens of other projects. Members will receive discounts on their trades. Details about NFT trading will be revealed in the next few days.

With this membership program being established, the LiveTrade team looks forward to enhancing the experience of our users. This is a further step to perfect the ecosystem as well as expand and strengthen our community. We always respect the trust placed in us and that’s why we will give prominence to our long-term supporters’ benefits throughout LiveTrade’s development.

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