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LiveTrade tailor its products toward the needs of individual and business clients, securing the greatest and constant benefit for every member.We believe that even the largest corporations started at the bottom, and we determine to support our clients to go the extra mile. We put ourselves in your shoes and take the bull by the horn. We might not be the largest, but we adapt ourselves to every client.


LiveTrade offers DIPO service, an exclusive capital raising and investment platform that works by digitalizing companies’ shares into security-based tokens, thereby pouring funds into the businesses’ pockets and creating a new investment channel for high-net-worth investors all over the globe.

Regulatory compliance and breakthrough technology adoption are the backbones of this solution, ensuring that investors can stretch out their hands to all potential markets and businesses can win the resources needed to shoot up.


LiveTrade’s clients can either obtain loans for daily use and investments or deposit their idle cash for extra profits. These loans can be based on properties, digital assets, or even patents.

LiveTrade navigates its services toward the decentralized finance direction with the goal to minimize the impediments and charges caused by several intermediaries of traditional banking.


Powered by Nexo and currently deployed in Asia by LiveTrade, this services enables crypto inventors to actually make use of their digital assets by offering loans collateralized by several types of cryptocurrency.

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