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LiveTrade DApp is now live on KardiaChain

To expand the ecosystem of LTD tokens and increase profits for our token holders, LiveTrade officially launches the LiveTrade DApp platform with many attractive features revolving around the LTD token. Especially. other tokens from DIPO projects, tokenized stocks will be tradeable on the platform.

LiveTrade DApp operates on the KardiaChain network (KRC20 standard) and provides features such as Exchange, Farm, Stake, Repo, DIPO (in coordination with affiliated platforms), etc., for all of the digital assets in LiveTrade’s ecosystem. The platform will also include a membership program and voting feature as described in our roadmap.

By launching the DApp, LiveTrade, once again, prove our commitment to bringing everyone outstanding features as well as maximizing the benefits offered by decentralized finance.

Visit: using your KardiaChain Wallet extension or find LiveTrade in the DApps menu on KardiaChain Wallet Mobile App.


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