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DIPO model to be launched on LiveTrade DApp

DIPO coming soon on LivTrade DApp

The deployment of the DIPO model on LiveTrade’s native DeFi platform will reinforce the backbone of the LiveTrade ecosystem. With this new feature, LTD holders will enjoy extra interests and privileges. This integration will also facilitate the fundraising solution by expanding access to more investors.

Several potential projects are under appraisal, promising to offer diverse investment opportunities to the investors. LiveTrade team will put our best effort to be the bridge connecting and benefiting both businesses and investors.

DIPO projects will be backed by real businesses and actual assets,hence reducing common risks in financial investment. Investors will also have a stronger basis to analyze and evaluate the projects, thereby making appropriate decisions. 

The DIPO feature is in the final stage of testing and will be officially launched on LiveTrade DApp soon

About LiveTrade DApp

LiveTrade DApp is a multi-chain platform with attractive features revolving around the LTD token. Especially, tokens from DIPO projects and tokenized stocks are also tradeable on the platform.

The DApp provides a number of features such as Exchange, Farm, Stake, Repo, DIPO, etc., for all of the digital assets in LiveTrade’s ecosystem. It will also include a membership program and voting feature as described in LiveTrade’s roadmap.


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