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Announcement: Membership NFT Offering and AMA Event

Dear LiveTraders.

As previously announced, LiveTrade will establish a membership program on the DApp in order to provide our community with extra special features. Thus, the LiveTrade team is excited to announce that the membership NFT offering will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Membership NFT offering schedule:

Start time: 1 PM UTC (8 PM GMT+7) October 31, 2021 

End time: 1 PM UTC (8 PM GMT+7) November 4, 2021

* Note: The offering may end sooner than scheduled when all NFTs are sold out. Features of membership NFTs will be put into operation soon after the offering.

In addition, LiveTrade will also hold an AMA event to answer users’ questions regarding the offering as well as the membership program. By joining this event, participants will have the chance to receive $200 airdrop in LTD for the best 10 questions (7 questions chosen from this form and 3 from live questions during the AMA). Send your question to this form or join the AMA to ask us anything and wait for your luck!

AMA schedule: 

Time: 9 AM UTC (4 PM GMT+7) October 29, 2021. 

Venue: LiveTrade’s Telegram Group at 

Stay tuned and get ready to acquire membership NFTs with lots of attractive benefits. 


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