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A Brand New LiveTrade DApp – A Better Experience

Brand new LiveTrade DApp

The new LiveTrade DApp will be an advanced platform with more convenience and benefits that are specially designed for our community.

First launched on July 14, 2021 with the goal to expand the ecosystem of LTD token and increase profits for holders, the DApp has made impressive progress and achievements. In order to enhance the interests for the community, the LiveTrade team is glad to announce that a brand-new version will be on in a few days. Let’s find out what’s coming next!

Multichain supported

The team wants to make sure that our users benefit the most from the LiveTrade ecosystem, so here we bring a futuristic platform that supports both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

LTD holders of both BEP20 and KRC20 standards can now enjoy equal opportunities and welfare. This marks the first step of the LiveTrade team to integrate different blockchains into our ecosystem.

Switch between chains easily by selecting the chain indicator next to your wallet address


The new Dashboard wears a polished look that indicates everything you need to know about your assets: a report of your wallet.

From the Dashboard, users can view the stats of LTD token including the circulating supply, total value locked (TVL) on the platform as well as the market capitalization of the token. Key products and services in the LiveTrade ecosystem are also illustrated, allowing easy access to all sites on the network.

Manage your assets effectively from the DApp Dashboard

The new interface will indicate your balance and investments for easy tracking. Assets will be classified as Digital Assets (cryptocurrencies or other blockchain-based assets) and Tokenized Stocks (stocks from the portfolio of LiveTrade, tokenized and offered for trading on the platform). 

All information on the farming and staking pools as well as rewards earned will be indicated right on the home page. You can click on each item to see the full lists of pools and assets you have staked. No more finding every single pool you stake: now you can easily harvest all rewards at the same time.

Farm & Pool

These are the sources of passive income for all users. The new interface will ensure easy view, searching and tracking of assets with the aim to simplify user experience. The team worked hard to develop a user-friendly UI that offers essential information instead of highly technical terminologies.

There will be list view and grid view versions, bringing more convenient ways to follow your investment. You can also effortlessly find the pools you have staked, or sort the list by APR, Multiplier or Liquidity to select ones that fit your taste. The labels “Core” and “Eco” indicate a pool’s resource: whether it is a native pool launched by LiveTrade or a collaborative one launched by our strategic partners.

Special pools for tokenized stocks will be opened, offering the opportunity to invest in and profit from the long-term and stable securities market.


LiveTrade will integrate all our services and products together in the DApp to facilitate the comprehensive success of the ecosystem, including deploying the DIPO model on the platform. 

As the DIPO model has been our core service since the establishment, we placed significant emphasis on bringing a design that will facilitate the operation and use of the model. New users will be able to get an overview of all DIPO projects that have been conducted and the achievements we have acquired along our journey to mature. You can always access our main DIPO website for more details of the projects and the standard operating procedure of the model and apply for listing.

Obtain higher level to get more allocations for DIPO projects

You can check out all details about a project on this interface. The allocation a user may get for each project varies depending on the level of Membership. Vesting policies may be applied to certain projects depending on the round you are joining. 

You may have different options to purchase a DIPO token, and below are samples. During the vesting period, you can always come back to claim the vested tokens. Projects that completed their offering will be listed in the Past DIPOs section.

Participate in more offering rounds of DIPO projects depending on your membership level


The new version supports both dark mode and light mode. We will also develop features that are specially designed for tokenized stocks such as Repo, exchanging and even farming/staking. 

We also develop a membership program from which users can enjoy premium features such as better interest rates, more allocation for DIPO and joint projects, incentives on the LiveTrade App, NFT trading, voting rights, as well as sharing LiveTrade’s investment portfolio.

Upgrade your level to enjoy more privileges

Details of the membership program will be revealed very soon. Stay tuned to be the early bird.


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