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Announcement: LiveTrade and Investpush Partnership Established

LiveTrade and Investpush Partnership

With the desire to enhance the development of our services in Vietnam, LiveTrade is excited to announce our partnership with Investpush.

This partnership is the next step of LiveTrade to deploy our services, specifically the LiveTrade App, in Vietnam. Accordingly, Investpush will support LiveTrade during the process of developing LiveTrade App – a tokenized stock trading mobile application, ensuring strict compliance with current regulations. The support from Investpush not only brings the LiveTrade App closer to Vietnamese investors but also promotes the development of the application in near future.

This joint effort consolidates the completion of legal factors for LiveTrade in the process of expanding our operation in Vietnam, especially DIPO service. In addition to supporting Vietnamese businesses in accessing the DIPO model, Investpush also helps intensify the security of the legal procedures and projects listed. The most outstanding advantage of this partnership is that we will constantly develop appropriate policies to ensure the best benefits for investors in the process of using the application as well as other services provided by LiveTrade.

A few weeks ago, LiveTrade also announced our connection with Deloitte and PwC for audit support. These are the efforts the team has made in order to build a solid base for developing our services and products in Vietnam.

About Investpush

Investpush Legal is one of the leading legal firms in Vietnam, established in March 2011. It specializes in business law in various segments such as Startups, IT, Fintech, E-commerce, Real estate, etc. With a team of highly qualified lawyers and legal experts, along with professional competence, many years of practice experience, and professional consulting skills, Investpush always works with the desire to achieve customer satisfaction and brings optimal solutions for businesses. Investpush has served thousands of domestic and foreign companies from nearly 40 countries and territories. In the near future, Investpush will keep trying with the vision to become a leading business law firm in the world.


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