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Official Announcement: LiveTrade MVP completed

LiveTrade MVP

The LiveTrade team is excited to announce that the LiveTrade MVP has been completed.

In the next few weeks, LiveTrade will launch a special campaign for users to actually experience the use of the LiveTrade App. Through this campaign, we hope to hear all your opinions on our product, and every feedback from the community will be an invaluable contribution to our ecosystem. Users can follow the official channel of the LiveTrade App on Facebook to be the earliest birds and receive rewards from the LiveTrade team.

With the completion of the LiveTrade MVP, the LiveTrade Team once again would like to assure our investors and supporters that we are keeping on the right track. The team is also working on a brand new version of LiveTrade DApp that will support multichain and a more diversified list of assets.

We truly appreciate your constant support for the project and we will work harder to fulfill our commitment to the community.


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