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What Makes LiveTrade App Special?

LiveTrade App is the first trading application for tokenized stocks in Vietnam. Taking full advantage of the booming stock market, LiveTrade App pursues to become a pioneering solution for bringing accessible investment opportunities to everyone by integrating blockchain technology in a simple interface. So, why does LiveTrade App surpass others?

We remove the typical obstacles of traditional investments, including large financial requirements, complicated procedures and strict regulations, as well as long processing time. In addition, a dramatic increase of investors and orders leading to system overload and the possibility of missing potential opportunities will be solved by the LiveTrade App.

1. Investing with micro capital – from only $1

LiveTrade App applies blockchain technology to tokenize stocks of leading companies in Vietnam. This advancement allows users to purchase fractional stocks instead of buying in lots, i.e you can acquire any amount of stock you want, even less than one share.

2. Paying NO commission fee

Fractional shares are low capital investments with proportional profit, and obviously, you don’t want additional fees to significantly reduce your returns. LiveTrade App does not require any commission or fees such as account opening and maintenance. Investors can receive maximum benefits from their investments.

3. Enjoying 24/7 trading – no waiting time

Create an account in just 30 seconds, then you can purchase the stocks you like without waiting for complicated KYC procedures. LiveTrade App allows you to submit an order at any moment and conduct orders instantly instead of following T+2 settlement as usual, thus earning real-time profits.

4. Experiencing user-friendly interface

Not only being competitive on cost, but LiveTrade App has also made an impression on young, tech-savvy investors thanks to a neat design and user experience that focuses on the basics. Using logos and familiar images related to each company in the portfolio, the application helps investors easily choose the stocks they want to trade. Besides, the application has the necessary functionalities for newbies, including stock charts, highs and lows, market capitalization, and P/E ratio.

5. Benefiting from conscientious support and useful information

LiveTrade App provides investors with basic knowledge about stock investment, supporting beginners in exploring this field. Market volatility and the latest news related to companies and industries, and government regulations are updated quickly. Our professional multi-channel support team is always willing to answer your questions and offer assistance to your trading.

With those promising features, LiveTrade App provides the transcendent solution to expand the stock investing community. It will be our next flagship offering and is expected to become the primary driver of user acquisition for the entire ecosystem. The platform will initially focus on delivering the friendliest and flawless experience for stock traders. Besides, blockchain technology is applied to ensure transparency and maximize benefits for users.

Get ready to welcome LiveTrade App’s special launch next month! Stay tuned.


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