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LiveTrade Token (LTD): A Summary of What You Should Know

LiveTrade Token (LTD) A summary of what you should know

What is LiveTrade Token?

LiveTrade token (LTD) is a utility token issued by LiveTrade LTD, serving as a decentralized unit of account on our platforms. LTD token has been minted and utilized on 2 networks: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20 standard) and KardiaChain (KRC20 standard).

What Can You Do with LTD?

LTD token will be utilized in LiveTrade’s three core products and services: Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO), Digital Asset Banking, and the LiveTrade App. Besides, we develop LiveTrade DApp – a DeFi platform integrating all the services and products of the company to facilitate the flow of LTD in the whole ecosystem. LTD token and its associated structures are designed to create an unending cycle that will continue to support the growth of the LiveTrade platform and the benefits of our token holders.

The native token performs multiple roles in the ecosystem, including:

  • Used to pay fees for services rendered by LiveTrade LTD;
  • Accessing various premium features and earn interest from staking, farming and lending features;
  • Determining membership and incentives for users;
  • Voting for decisions of the ecosystem such as the listing of DIPO projects, pool launching, etc.

What are LTD Token’s Value Drivers?

LTD token value will be backed by, but not limited to, the following characteristics:

  • Revenue from serving DIPO to SMBs and projects;
  • Shared revenue from rendering the Digital Asset Banking service in collaboration with our partners;
  • Profits from the LiveTrade App’s operations;
  • Assets and their values that LiveTrade acquires for its services (DIPO tokens, stock reserves).

To ensure the steady-growth value of LTD tokens over time, LiveTrade will continuously use profits from business activities to buy back tokens from the market to avoid inflation. The redeemed tokens will be burned or put in reserve for future operations.

How Many LTD Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The initial max supply of LTD is 500 million for a period of 4 years, but at the time of writing, the circulating supply is approximately 55 million.

According to the tokenomics of the project, LiveTrade allocates 25% of the total amount to investors, of which only 10% has been actually sold to the public. None of the strategic and private rounds has been conducted so far. The team is distributed an amount of 20% with a vesting period of 4 years. The remaining 55% are for operations, marketing as well as community and ecosystem growth.

Where Can You Buy LiveTrade Token (LTD)?

LTD is currently purchasable on DeFi platforms and centralized exchanges, including:

How can you track LTD token?

LTD can be tracked on CoinMarketCap – the world’s most authoritative cryptocurrency tracking website. The token is also listed on CoinGecko and CoinCodex. You can find LTD wherever you prefer!


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