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How LiveTrade brings you closer to Vietnam’s investment market

LiveTrade brings you closer to Vietnam's investment market

Vietnam is currently one of the best emerging economies in Asia. The dynamic economy, fast growing population with even faster pace of adapting to technology and financial advancement, strategic position and rational development policies have contributed to Vietnam’s economic successes. One of the leading policies for economic growth is foreign investment attraction. It is obvious that Vietnam is a promising investment destination and has been receiving huge amount of foreign investment. Specifically, in the first seven months of 2020, Vietnam attracted approximately US$18.82 billion worth of foreign investment, an equivalence of 93,1% the same period last year. This is impressive, giving that 2020 is one of the worst years in the last decade for any country globally.

Vietnam’s investment market is not an easy cake

Unfortunately, foreign investors find that Vietnam’s investment market does not have enough options to choose from. Projects are usually limited for a few at one given time, and they often come from big corporations and companies. These projects attract tremendous amount of investors, which creating highly competitive environment with such tiny split shares. Stocks and shares from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are scarcely found on conventional exchanges, so are start-ups and even some big companies. The FDI attraction policy doesn’t quite unravel the market’s potentials.

Foreseeing that problem, LiveTrade has developed the correspondent solutions. LiveTrade has a vision of being the gateway for projects of investment, providing financial and technological solutions for enterprises and individuals. In terms of investment solutions, we present two services: The Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) exclusively developed by LiveTrade and the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ powered by Nexo. These services together will help investors gain access to more Vietnamese investment projects, start-ups, and companies in a much faster and more convenient way. Here’s how they work:

DIPO creates a healthier investment environment

DIPO open up new divers investment markets

As mentioned in our previous posts, DIPO works as an advanced STO procedure where SMBs and projects can participate. Specifically, it operates in 4 steps:

  1. Appraisal: Initially, LiveTrade’s auditing and consulting partners analyze and assess the records and data from SMBs, give .advices to enhance the projects’ potentials and forward documents to LiveTrade’s experts for approval.
  2. Approval: LiveTrade decides which projects are qualified and ready for the initial token offering, rates their growth .ability and publishes them on our DIPO system.
  3. Tokenization: LiveTrade works with trusted technology platforms to digitalize the stocks or securities of the approved companies or projects. The value of these tokenized stocks shall be based on real securities.
  4. Trading: The tokenized stocks or securities will be listed on LiveTrade’s exchange network for trading. LiveTrade’s custodian partners will ensure the stock deposit & .ownership procedures happen as smooth and secure as possible.

DIPO digitalizes the process of fundraising for SMBs in Vietnam, systematically and legally removes the geographical. barriers, economical differences and unequal competitions. With DIPO, investors can now choose to purchase security tokens of any company or project that .are listed on the digital exchanges, and instantly become the legal owners of the corresponding stocks or shares. They’ve gained access to a healthier investment market that they deserve and. leveraged the dynamic development of the country

The Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ bring more SMBs closer to investors

SMB will be boosted in Vietnam's investment market

This digital instant lending feature is powered by Nexo, and strategically provided in Vietnam .and Asia by LiveTrade in collaboration between the two companies. This service provides clients with the necessary credit collateralized by 18 common cryptocurrencies, including. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. With this solution, Vietnamese SMBs can deposit their digital assets to Nexo, get the instant credit. lines for their business make over, increasing investment attraction to foreign investors. As a result, investors can gain access to much more investment projects and companies. and be less likely to fall into competition with other investors. 


By combining the advancements and securities of blockchain technology and conventional finance, LiveTrade brings Vietnam’s investment .market closer to the global community of investors, unraveling the full potential of a healthier investment environment. We are continuously striving to secure diverse and equal .investment markets in Vietnam, Asia, and the world steps by steps. We welcome anyone who wants to collaborate with LiveTrade for .the mutual vision, and are always ready to provide services for the clients. Contact us at [email protected] to find your best business investment solutions.


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