LiveTrade Exchange & Brokerage

A Leading Global Multi-Asset Exchange and Digital IPO Service Provider

LiveTrade makes it possible and easy for everyone to purchase Stocks in Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. with Cryptocurrencies through a simple process

  Buy fractional shares and still eligible for dividend
  Enjoy our low and even zero commision fee
  Access to hundreds of companies and markets

About the Product

    We understand that customers have several choices while looking for a place to invest their money. At LiveTrade, we are confident that our customer-oriented approach as well as compelling and unique features will be the main reason to attract and retain our customers. All of LiveTrade’s products and services have been designed to provide a user-friendly and blockchainless interface for the technology framework behind the exchange. LiveTrade will tailor its products to the needs of individuals and business clients, ensuring that both enjoy improved accessibility to transacting in multiple types of assets.

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Main Features

Everything you need from a reliable mature platform


With a low, transparent fee structure and various cutting-edge tools, LiveTrade users can use their choice of funds (crypto, fiat, and even stock) to access to an array of investment products, especially with a great collection of securities and digital assets. LiveTrade will also offer CFD trading – even for some assets that do not offer this option in traditional trading.


LiveTrade’s Digital IPO service is a new alternative to traditional methods to raise capital based upon equity. Our service makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to achieve the fund they need and expand their operations without all of the traditional fees and debt-based formats, which in turn allows businesses to control their destiny.


The LIVE Wallet gives users complete control over their funds on each individual exchange through one central interface, thus increasing security of the users’ funds.


LiveTrade’s App will be available on iOS and Android, desktop, as well as a web-based application. LiveTrade multi-asset platform will include various products and features that work together to provide users with a seamless transaction process.


LiveTrade users can take advantage of simple and secure services such as Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk or Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Service to explore more accessible and flexible source of funding.


Besides keeping the value of your funds safe, you can earn up to 20% annual interest on certain cryptocurrency, fiat or stocks balance at the end of every year which is applicable for retail customer accounts only.


Users no longer need to spend hours comparing different exchanges’ pricing; instead, LiveTrade will use a real-time market data and advanced AI algorithm to calculate and select pricing based on users’ demand, which ultimately helps us take care of the most important thing: our customers.


• Assets Transfer from External Brokers
• Conflict Resolution Process
• Auto Exchange
• Social Elements
• Portfolio Management

About LTD Token

    LiveTrade is introducing a decentralized unit of account on its platforms – The LiveTrade Security Token. All activities in the network will evolve around the LTD, from serving as the main base currency for transactions and conversions, growing user base, accessing various premium features, to incentivizing community sharing and value creation through a dynamic reward system. This token and its associated structures aim to create an unending cycle that will continue to support the growth of the project.

Token Sale

Token symbol LTD
Token standard ERC20
Token type Security token
Total token supply 1,000,000,000
Total tokens for sale 700,000,000
Currencies accepted Fiat, Crypto
Minimal transaction 20,000 LTD
Hardcap $50,000,000
Private sale Q3 2019
Token Distribution
2% Rewards
2% Employee Option
10% Team & Advisors
16% Reserve Funds
70% Public Token Sale
Use of Funds
5% Data Acquisition
10% Legal & Regutory
10% Operating Expenses
35% Sales / Marketing
40% Platform Development

Interested In Becoming LiveTrade’s Shareholders?

Don't miss the chance to buy our tokens with a bonus

Current Phase
30% Bonus
Private sale
25% Bonus
Public pre-sale
10% Bonus
Public sale
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Benefits For Holders

    On a quarterly basis, a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 60% of the profits generated by LiveTrade Exchange & Brokerage will be dispatched among token holders (in Fiat, BTC, ETH, or LTD).

    Holders (institutions or individuals) who possess more than 300,000 LTD will receive additional benefits namely an additional 5% of net profit distribution, and voting rights on how the company will make decisions in Token listing and IEO investments from reserve fund.


The most important development milestones



  • • Generate idea, concept
  • • Research about required licenses
  • • Develop product’s Scope of Work
  • • Establish LiveTrade LTD



  • • Launch the official LiveTrade and STO homepages.
  • • Evaluate strategic partners’ proposals
  • • Pre-announce in major publications
  • • Facilitate the legal process
  • • Complete White paper v.10



  • • Initiate LiveTrade Private Sale
  • • Launch the official LiveTrade homepage
  • • Release LiveTrade Exchange & Brokerage POC
  • • Expand operation through strategic partnerships



  • • Release LIVE Wallet and LiveTrade Exchange beta version.
  • • Update White paper to 2.0 (multiple languages)
  • • Complete listing major financial instruments.
  • • Perform platforms Survey & Evaluation



  • • Launch LiveTrade Exchange & Brokerage and LIVE Wallet v1.0
  • • Develop further front-end and back-end
  • • Implement Social trading features
  • • Improve platforms performance based on user's feedback


Meet the team behind the product

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Chief Executive Officer
    Le is an experienced entrepreneur who has spearheaded several businesses in the e-commerce, e-learning, and FinTech industries. Today, his entrepreneurial spirit drives him towards the development of new technologies, with a dedicated focus towards Big Data and Blockchain to assist traders and investors across the full spectrum.
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Chief Technology Officer
    With over 10 years of rich experience building custom software products and solutions for multiple industries, Hung was involved in several successful projects in which he designed and developed several applications in the blockchain and IoT space. As the CTO, Hung is an irreplaceable asset for the LiveTrade team to drive the project on the wheels of innovation and advance technology.
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Lead Product Designer
    Sem is an expert in the delivery of complex IT projects. Besides providing UI, UX to our applications and to tackle deeper challenges of the user-centric approach for blockchain design, he is also responsible for leading the vision, strategy and execution of the end-to-end consumer experience of LiveTrade’s evolving value creation through our platform.
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Chief Marketing Officer
    With world-class tactical execution and analytical skills, Ana has helped some reputable finance niches to drive targeted traffic to their website through social media platform. Thanks to her creative customer-service mindset and solid understanding of SEO and content-marketing, LiveTrade is on its way to become one of the most vibrant communities for traders.
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Chief Compliance Officer
    Being accountable for risk management with a global view and proactive thinking, Trang is now working as LiveTrade's Chief Compliance Officer who plays a key role in leading the development of whole-of-organizational strategies that support LiveTrade's social platforms and services to achieve our objectives and to comply with the required standards and legislation.


LiveTrade advisory board is comprised of entrepreneurs, investors and senior figures in blockchain and banking industry.

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STO Advisor
    Andrey is a crypto enthusiast and trader with more than 3 years of experience. He is a multidisciplinary specialist, experienced ICO/STO advisor and member of Alliance of Blockchain Professionals (ABP). Andrey advises LiveTrade on fundraising, operations, marketing and content.
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Strategic Trading Advisor
    Rumen, a distinguished banking professional, has a long-term experience (27+ years) in financial trading. Prior to joining LiveTrade, Mr. Zapryanov was the Chief Dealer at 2 BACS banks, treasurer at the Alpha Bank Bulgaria and Chairman of Assets and Liabilities Committee.


LiveTrade is developing strategic partnerships with the world’s most innovative blockchain technology developers, consultant firms, media and payment providers.

Technology partners
Press and media partners
Third party payment providers
Legal, tax, audit, and strategy consultants
Liquidity providers