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Boost your USDC/USDT staking rewards 6 folds with LiveTrade and VNDC Wallet

Boosted staking rewards
USDC/USDT staking rewards boosted 6 folds when being hodled in VNDC wallet

On October 5th, 2020, VNDC officially announced the update of Staking policy for users and partners when keeping USDT and USDC in VNDC Wallet. Specifically, users and partners will receive Staking Daily rewards (daily paid) with interest rates up to 0.1%/day (equivalent to 36.5% per year) within 48 days from the date announced. This means that the staking rewards for USDT and USDC have just increased 6 folds compared to their previous, which were 0.0165%/day.

The current exchange rates of USDT and USDC to VNDC listed on the VNDC Wallet is 23,128 VNDC and 22,888 VNDC respectively (these rates are updated at the time of the post).

This boosted rewards policy is simultaneously applied with the LUA token farming program. The LUA token offers users up to 3% in daily rewards in the first week of its issuance when being in hodled VNDC Wallet.


How crypto users in the U.S. can earn 6 times USDC/USDT staking rewards with LiveTrade

VNDC is a stablecoin Wallet application originated in Vietnam, which means there is a problem for crypto users who wish to grasp this exclusive opportunity but live in other countries or continents. This is why LiveTrade steps in. Being the official partner of VNDC, LiveTrade plays a major role in expanding VNDC’s service reach towards crypto user communities around the globe, starting in the U.S.

Crypto investors and traders in the U.S. can now earn extra staking rewards simply by creating a VNDC Wallet, completing KYC and depositing their USDT and USDC into their accounts. The depositing procedure can be processed through LiveTrade or its designated partners by multiple payment channels such as U.S. banks, Paypal, Payoneer and multiple crypto wallets. 

It is important to keep in mind that these boosted rewards will last for only 48 days. The USDC/USDT-boosting golden goose will leave soon, so if you are a crypto user and want to make the most out of this chance, contact LiveTrade now, create you VNDC Wallet and start staking. Contact us right now at [email protected] for instant support!


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