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What is Nexo? How can we trust its service?

In the dynamic world of today, everything is shifting towards digital platforms. From online shopping to stock trading and crypto investing, the virtual representatives of real value have become bigger than ever. The market value of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is predicted to be more than 5 trillion dollars by 2025. There have been a lot of investors attracted by the rise in value of these assets, and many of whom have made great profit from it. However, Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and there are limitations in infrastructure and regulation that obstruct crypto owners to actually use their crypto for daily payment or potential investment that needs immediate cash. That is why LiveTrade presents you Nexo – the world first instant crypto-backed loans.

Nexo Instant loans

Firstly, what is Nexo?

Nexo is a lending platform that provide users instant loans, using crypto as collaterals, no credit check needed. You can use Nexo anywhere anytime, get the money in cash or in your bank account and ready to start investing in new opportunities without having to sell your crypto coins. This way, you can both get immediate cash to buy more crypto coins and retain your ownership to the collateral coins and can make profit from them later.

But who is Nexo? What makes it so special? On what ground can we put our trust in it? With these questions, LiveTrade would like to introduce to you further information about Nexo’s trust worthiness. In the end, Blockchain technology’s most important and innovated criterion is transparency, is it not?

Who is Nexo?

Initially, Nexo is powered by Credissimo. This is the leading FinTech corporation that provides instant online consumer loans, e-commerce financing, and bill payment services. Credissimo has been helping millions of customers across Europe for more than a decade. The corporation can always meet the highest regulatory requirements and strictest supervision by multiple European Banking and Financial Services Regulators. With Credissimo, Nexo offers a better solution for the lack of digital financing by utilizing Blockchain technology.

Nexo also partners with BitGo – The leading company in delivering institutional grade security solutions for Blockchain-based currencies. BitGo safeguard your digital assets with the world’s most secure and compliant custody solution. It currently handles the biggest Bitcoin trading traffic in the world. Moreover, the custody assets are insured for up to 100 million dollars. Today, BitGo provides digital asset-related services to hundreds of exchanges and institutional investors around the world. By working with BitGo, Nexo wants to make sure that its customers’ crypto coins are perfectly secured when turned into collaterals for an instant loan.

Why do we introduce you to Nexo?

Although Nexo enables you to make instant loan and withdraw cash in EUR and USD. This is some inconvenient for a lot of people in other countries who want to get the money in their own currency from the start, and one of those countries is Vietnam. That’s why Nexo needs to make an alliance with LiveTrade, for we are the digital, multi-assets trading platform in Vietnam. We help to build a bridge between Nexo and Vietnamese customers by popularizing the Instant Credit Line service with the option to withdraw money in VNĐ to customers within LiveTrade’s ecosystem.

Nexo has been processing 1.5 billion dollars for over 550,000 users with 24/7 services for the past 12 years. These admirable numbers alone are enough to prove its ground of trust. LiveTrade is so honored to have partnership with Nexo. Our mission, in the end, is to build a unified, transparent investment environment, and Nexo is helping us to achieve it.

Now that you have understood why LiveTrade puts its trust in Nexo, do you too? If you want to get further information about this financial platform, you can follow the link https://nexo.io/company.

If you are new to LiveTrade, find out about us now at https://livetrade.io/

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