LiveTrade settled the $5 million deal to obtain Vemanti Group’s stocks

LiveTrade and Vemanti

Today, Dec. 14th, 2020 LiveTrade announced an equity purchase agreement with Vemanti Group — a top-growing US-based multi-asset technology corporation.

LiveTrade committed to procuring up to $5 million USD of Vemanti’s common stocks over a span of two years, and Vemanti will guarantee and authorize all purchases up to the said amount during the aforementioned period. This will be the foundation for future strategic cooperation between the two firms.

Vemanti Group is one of the fastest growing firms of the U.S. this year, with its phenomenal stock performance of 800% increase within the last half of 2020. This is thanks to the brilliant strategy of investing in Asian fintech projects and firms. Accounting for most of the company’s revenue are two exceptional projects in Vietnam: eLoan and Fvndit. As one of the board’s long-term strategies, Vemanti is set to continue expanding its operation network in Vietnam in order to go beyond the current growth rate.

During the course of operation, LiveTrade has been diving into the world digital finance market, offering features and services that were once limited by country borders to global investors, businesses and traders of all kinds. As a result, LiveTrade is now holding a network of financial and technological institutions from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and over 1 million active users. The most successful strategic cooperation LiveTrade has established is VNDC — the first audited stablecoin platform for Vietnamese community. This stablecoin is one of the cores supporting LiveTrade and Vemanti in broadening their scopes of services — both in terms of trading volume and customer base.

This cooperation is expected to facilitate the investment and trading flow between Vietnam and the U.S., which has been limited due to the complicated procedures and high costs of conventional finance. LiveTrade’s individual and institutional clients can now obtain capital from international investors more easily and grasp the opportunities to join the high-yield worldwide markets — a task that was once hindered by geographical borders.

About Vemanti Group, Inc.

Vemanti Group, Inc. is an investment and development company mainly focuses on Fintech applications combined with other emerging technologies including Blockchain and machine learning/AI. They drive growth through acquisition and investment in disruptive and foundational technologies by targeting early stage companies that have market viable products or by starting a new subsidiary of their own.

Before that, Vemanti has acquired Two Group, a multi-asset technology conglomerate encompasses several internet-based industries, including e-commerce, local search, social media and streaming media. This acquisition marked a strategic investment of Vemanti in Vietnam market.

Vemanti is proactively seeking opportunities in high — growth and emerging markets when entering into a definitive agreement to buy 20 percent equity stocks of eLoan JSC, a Fintech company having its headquarters in HCM city.

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