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LTD Burn Events – 25M Tokens Burned

LTD Burn Events

As announced in the Official Statement regarding the December 17 Incident, LiveTrade has conducted burn events after the new token deployment. The burned amount includes:

1. 16 million LTD tokens bought back from the market by the LiveTrade team in an effort to reduce the circulating supply.

Hash: 0x3c0e565cbdfcba90a2c30d4d0cee5cb62cf3a8885c6f77a22d3646c9c31f1dc3 

2. 5 million LTD tokens – all of the tokens that have been unlocked for the team from the TGE.

Hash: 0x73c775e0bc934d34e104be3d4f54e7c0981981a30fd8a50bb0b7ecbc65336722 

3. 4,012,425 LTD tokens, equivalent to the burned amount of the old LTD stated in this announcement

Hash: 0xd29a250bb55d3b51f050c7b39bb0eb40b44d925dea1a21cf69c65d5f52099ce5 

Besides, LiveTrade will continue to burn all the tokens that are allocated for the core team in the year 2022, i.e. approximately 6.8 million LTD will be burned each quarter. This is our action to take responsibility and fulfill our commitment to the LiveTrade community. 


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