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LTD Burn Event on Binance Smart Chain

A burn event of 12,425 LTD originally issued on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) has been conducted. This, together with the previous 4 million burning event, has reduced the total max supply of LTD to less than 496 million.

The burn event can be checked at:: 0x772983f4509b1c9c432a07022f6e32a8069bec44a6501ed1168c673b170c0444

Note that LTD is now available on 2 chains: Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain (KRC20). Users can convert their LTD from Binance Smart Chain to KardiaChain to enjoy the features of LTD on LiveTrade DApp and affiliating platforms by using the Bami Bridge at or performing KRC20 on-chain transactions on VNDC Wallet Pro

LiveTrade will continue to buy back and burn more LTD to further ensure that the token maintains as much value as possible as committed with investors.


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