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LiveTrade x Dot Arcade AMA Recap

Dot Arcade AMA Recap

On January 7, LiveTrade organized an AMA event in collaboration with Dot Arcade to introduce this new project to the community. The presence of two representatives from Dot Arcade added to the excitement of the event. 

We received hundreds of questions about the project, including the team’s background, special in-game features, ecosystem, and IDO launch. The enthusiastic and informative answers from the guests have provided our community with lots of useful guides to participate in the project.

As announced, we have selected 5 live questions to answer and reward in addition to the top 5 highest entries on Gleam. The total reward is $100. Below is the list of winners.

Live question winners:

1. 1$ 10$ 100$


3. Rosemary Anni🌸

4. Alice Wonderland

5. Terrilyn Alcala

Gleam winners:

1. Luis Boll

2. Liu Tommy

3. Dinh Hoang Cau

4. Anh Đức Phạm

5. Nour Taha

Congratulations! The rewards will be sent to the winners’ wallets soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through LiveTrade official channels.


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