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Announcement: LiveTrade to Establish Partnership with CRVN Capital

Partnership between LiveTrade and CRVN Capital

LiveTrade is very glad to announce our partnership with CRVN Capital, a team with years of experience in investing and promoting blockchain projects.

In an attempt to participate in more potential projects for bringing the best investment opportunities to LTD holders, LiveTrade focuses on making these projects accessible to our community. We believe this partnership will enhance our strengths and both communities’ interests. 

The LiveTrade team is always dedicated to developing our services with the desire to optimize benefits for our holders as well as to gain user satisfaction.

About CRVN Capital

Founded in March 2020 by a group of crypto investors, CRVN Capital looks for groundbreaking, creative, legitimate projects and connects them to the community.

CRVN Capital is operated by CRVN Research, an organization specializing in appraising potential crypto startup projects. Additionally, it is running the website, one of the leading crypto news sites. CRVN Research makes a great contribution to warning projects with signs of fraud and implementing investment-oriented programs for the CryptoleakVN community. Their aim is to bring the best projects to investors.

For more information, please visit:

CRVN Capital Website

CryptoLeakvn Group on Facebook


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