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LiveTrade to Enter Strategic Partnership with HanaGold

LiveTrade HanaGold Partnership

LiveTrade is pleased to announce a joint partnership with HanaGold to build value for both communities while promoting the advantages of blockchain-based start-ups in various fields.

LiveTrade is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of innovative technology within the jewelry sector. This partnership is established to grow and enhance both ecosystems’ ability to deliver more benefits to users. LiveTrade and HanaGold will conduct cross programs to offer the opportunity to experience outstanding features and products for both communities.

About HanaGold

HanaGold Jewelry Joint Stock Company was established in 2020. It is an innovative start-up enterprise in the field of gold, silver, and gemstone. HanaGold applies 4.0 technology in business with a pioneering project called HanaGold. Being potential in the 4.0 technology era along with the need to use and invest in gold, HanaGold quickly flashed the opportunity to develop the gold industry in Vietnam according to an improved model compared to the traditional one, creating a breakthrough for gold business in Vietnam.

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