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LiveTrade ecosystem gets introduced on Yahoo Finance

The team is proud and grateful to be mentioned on international news channels such as Yahoo Finance, AP News, and other prestigious for the steps we have made on our journey.

LiveTrade’s flagship product – the commission-free stock trading app with micro capital has been introduced to the international investors’ community. This is a great opportunity for foreign investors to participate in the Vietnamese stock market, thereby earning profits from the rapidly growing domestic corporations. The portfolio includes stocks from leading companies in Vietnam, which reduces investment risks for newcomers. LiveTrade App makes the stock market no longer a game for entrepreneurs or the rich, promising to expand the user base of LiveTrade worldwide.

With the exponential rise during the first two months after issuance, the LiveTrade Token (LTD) is capturing international attention. With around 55M tokens in circulation, LTD’s total market cap on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain is estimated to be around $5.5M, more than 50 times its initial cap of only $100K just two months ago.

Another part of the LiveTrade universe is the DApp launched on July 14, 2021, with common DeFi features such as farming and staking. Additional functions under development are Lending, Repo and DIPO (Digital Initial Private Offering), providing both crypto users and conventional financial investors with innovative tools for savings, fundings and investment. The exclusive trademark-registered and patent-pending DIPO model of the company has assisted several businesses and startup projects to raise a total capital of $30M for the last 9 months by tokenizing real business and assets and offering tokens on partnering platforms.

The LiveTrade team is running at full speed toward building an all-integrated ecosystem where all classes of financial assets, including conventional and digital ones, can flow freely and benefit each other.

Full article on Yahoo Finance.


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