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LiveTrade to conclude the VNDC DIPO pilot project

After 4 months in operation with great successes and experiences achieved with VNDC team, LiveTrade is pleased to announce that the VNDC DIPO pilot project – a cooperation between LiveTrade and VNDC –  has come to an end, and LiveTrade will move on to the next stage of its business strategy

From March 16, 2021, in accordance with its operational strategy, LiveTrade will stop implementing DIPO model on VNDC ecosystem and begin to make statistical review of the project’s results. After that, LiveTrade will proceed to the next strategic step to expand its service range in Vietnam. It had been a pleasure for LiveTrade to work with the VNDC team over the past 3 months, and together we had achieved remarkable achievements during the project’s implementation.

DIPO – the Digital Initial Private Offering model – is an exclusive model developed by LiveTrade to help small and medium enterprises (SMBs) raise necessary capital for business development activities by creating and listing tokens on digital exchanges. By applying blockchain technology to tokenize SMBs’ values, DIPO can greatly speed up the fundraising process and broaden investors base, while reducing friction in investment transactions such as geographical distances, financial system differences, the middlemen … All businesses using DIPO must go through a careful and detailed appraisal conducted by LiveTrade’s partners to ensure investors’ benefits as well as increased reliability for each project.

The results were beyond expectations

The DIPO model, after 4 months of operation, has deployed 8 different fundraising projects with a total capital raised up to 25.5 million USD, the process of raising capital is much faster than traditional fundraising events, with a record $60,000 worth of capital raised in just 28 minutes.

Moreover, the token issued under DIPO model can increase in value over time, which greatly elevates the project’s capital. Up to the present time, the total value of capital raised using DIPO model has increased from $25,5 million to roughly $64,8 million, bringing huge profits to both project owners and investors who have put their trust in the projects.

Conclusion of VNDC DIPO pilot project and the next development phase

LiveTrade has earned valuable results and experiences from the DIPO VNDC project. This is the right time for LiveTrade team to reevaluate and get ready for the next development phase: Expanding the scale of LiveTrade’s services in Vietnam and Asia markets, reach out to international businesses and projects, becoming a bridge between projects and investors around the world. Visit the website to learn more about our DIPO model!


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