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LiveTrade to Announce Partnership with Moniwar

LiveTrade and Moniwar Partnership

LiveTrade is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Moniwar, a new financial system for both gaming and investing. Moniwar’s NFT game won third place in the Game2Blockchain competition. This contest is accompanied by a board of advisors from HUB Global – a reputable investment fund in the blockchain field. With the sets of goals in common, LiveTrade and Moniwar will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide great benefits for both communities through collaboration offerings.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

By this partnership, LiveTrade hopes to introduce to our community a brand new playground for entertainment and earning, and also provide support for a potential project in the NFT area. Users can enjoy an interesting game and earn extra profit with NFT and other DeFi products. Through this partnership, both LiveTrade and Moniwar will have opportunities to reach out to more users and players who are interested in investing in innovative blockchain-based projects.

In upcoming partnerships, LiveTrade will come up with more benefits for users. Stay tuned!

About Moniwar

Moniwar is an epic puzzle game with PvP mechanic for everyone. The project aims to create a new experience for players in the field of gaming and DeFi. The game is created with a good mechanism for players to be entertained and DeFi will bring income and sustainable ways to make money for users.

Moniwar is inspired by the famous and widely loved game around the world, Battle of Legend, combined with the stories of ancient Greek myths and with the leading NFT and DeFi technologies in the blockchain, by introducing a large number of ACGN Well-known IP and designers in the field, make full use of the “interoperability” advantage of blockchain technology, allowing toy figures in the real world to interact with NFT’s in the virtual world in the Moniwar entertainment metaverse, breaking the dimensional barriers. Finally, a world-class pan-entertainment platform based on blockchain technology will be built.


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