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LiveTrade and FundGo Signed $300K Investment Agreement

LiveTrade to Receive $300K Investment from FundGo

LiveTrade is very pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with FundGo – the first licensed investment fund for innovative start-ups in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 

In the fund launch ceremony on March 21, 2022 LiveTrade and FundGo signed an investment agreement with a total value of up to $300K to perfect LiveTrade ecosystem in Vietnam. Moreover, LiveTrade has also committed to assisting upcoming potential projects invested by FundGo with our professional experience and expertise. 

LiveTrade CEO Le Pham signed investment agreement with FundGo.

This agreement also enhances the sustainable growth of the LiveTrade ecosystem, specifically the DIPO model by the connection with potential projects. We consistently make efforts to pursue our operating motto “The future of business enabled by blockchain”.

About FundGo

FundGo Lauching Event on March 21, 2022

FundGo investment fund is managed by TRUSTpay Joint Stock Company. Aiming at incubating and long-term investing in startups and SMBs of high innovation and creativity, FUNDGO diversifies its investment portfolio into agricultural production, health care, educational, financial, and medical technology, communication technology, and marketing. In particular, the fund encourages technology-oriented businesses, including mobile applications, technology initiatives, and especially projects using blockchain technology with high practical applicability.


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