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Gleam Winners of LiveTrade Community Airdrop

Gleam Winner List

After 2 weeks, the Gleam for LiveTrade community has been closed. We are very happy to announce the winners of a total reward of $500.

As previously noticed, we have selected 5 lucky participants in addition to the top 5 highest entries on Gleam. Below is the list of winners.

Top 5 entries:

1. @farukyuksell

2. @Vanduy112

3. @Steven533755

4. @William970336

5. @hoaisam992

Lucky participants:

1. @MoonEnrichone

2. @voxnguyen207

3. @huy0818

4. @hanaduong1609

5. @mstlph

Congratulations! The rewards will be sent to the winners’ wallets within 48 hours. Stay tuned for more opportunities to receive attractive rewards from LiveTrade.

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