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Announcement: Strategic Partnership between LiveTrade and TSS

Partnership with TSS

LiveTrade is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Digital Asset Management Center (TSS) – a member of Vietnam Union of Science and Entrepreneurs. This is the first unit in Vietnam to be recognized by the State as a legal entity to organize and promote digitalization activities and digital asset management.

After Investpush, TSS is the next partner in the progress of enhancing the legal base of the DIPO model in Vietnam. TSS shall act as a depository center for digital assets, storing papers and documents related to businesses and projects listed on DIPO. This partnership will provide better security for both businesses and investors.

LiveTrade always desires to improve the quality of products and services through its cooperative relationships with reputable and experienced partners, thereby bringing the best benefits to the LiveTrade community.

About Digital Asset Management Center (TSS)

TSS’s legal entity is licensed by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City with a pioneering role in researching and providing services for asset digitization and digital asset management. TSS provides technology and solutions for asset storage and encryption using Blockchain for partners to deploy business activities with a reliable and transparent platform.


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