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Announcement: Strategic Partnership Between LiveTrade and Enrich Garden Labs

LiveTrade is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Enrich Garden Labs (EGL), an investment unit in the blockchain field, especially projects related to NFT, Metaverse, and DeFi.

EGL elevates projects by providing professional consultancy and support in PR & Marketing. Entering into this cooperation, LiveTrade aims at expanding our community and making LTD token more accessible to the domestic and international communities. We believe that the support of a team consisting of experts in the fields of technology, finance, and communication will create a significant contribution to the development of our projects.  

The partnership is expected to strengthen the development of the two parties as well as to bring the best benefits to both communities. 

About EGL

EGL is a research and venture capital fund primarily focusing on blockchain startups. With years of experience in the blockchain field, EGL promotes the development potential of the projects by building national and international communication strategies. Besides a wide network of reputable partners, EGL is famous for its competence including PR & media, content creation, community management, and influencer marketing.

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