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Announcement: LiveTrade to Partner with Dot Arcade

LiveTrade's Partnership with Dot Arcade

LiveTrade is very pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Dot Arcade – the next emerging GameFi project. It is the first combination of Arcade and Moba game genres.

With stunning visuals and addictive gameplay, Dot Arcade promises to become a potential competitor to join the exciting NFT game market. Moreover, its development team has years of experience creating hundreds of mobile offline games and more than ten online games which have achieved millions of downloads.

The collaboration aims at bringing competitive advantages for both parties and communities by leveraging the power of community support, specific strengths, and partner networks of LiveTrade and Dot Arcade.

About Dot Arcade

Dot Arcade is a combination of Arcade and Moba game genres, where players around the world are free to earn NFT items for their individuals and clans. With unique tactical gameplay, players will play the role of a lord with the desire to build a powerful empire and bring his army to conquer new lands. Dot Arcade provides hours of fun with many exciting events and tournaments which offer opportunities for players to win tokens or NFT rewards.

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