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LiveTrade x Space Crypto AMA Recap

Space Crypto AMA recap

In the collaboration with Space Crypto, LiveTrade organized an AMA event to introduce this emerging project to the community. The event was so exciting with the presence of Space Crypto’s representative. Hundreds of questions were asked and users received a lot of useful information thanks to the concise answers of the guests. The details regarding the project such as the core team, special features, ecosystem, in-game economy, and IDO were provided to the participants.

And here is the list of lucky users with chosen questions.

Pre-AMA question winners:

1. Andromedamin (@Andromedamin)

2. Jeny Kim (@loananh99)

3. Hana Duong (@hanaduong1609)

4. Toan (@toanvuiu)

5. Tuyen (@wing9x)

Live question winners:

1. KOLPONA1 akana 22 (@USWERNE)

2. Braun x hexa (@rifat00111)

3. Nichole (@echocool)

4. Felicia Breaux (@anifelicia) 

5. Ethereal Yeosang (@yeosangeth)

Congratulations! To receive the rewards, the users named above should contact us by direct message to the admin of LiveTrade’s telegram group.

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