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Instruction on using Nexo Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ via VNDC Wallet

Nexo has been providing instant credit Lines™ to over 800,000 crypto users in many countries for the last 13 years. Now, LiveTrade has collaborated with Nexo to deploy this service in Vietnamese market.

In this instruction, LiveTrade provides you with the 5 easy steps to use Nexo Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ via VNDC Wallet.

Step 1: Create Nexo & VNDC accounts and complete KYC

Skip this step if you’ve already had these two accounts.

Get your accounts on Nexo and VNDC websites or via their official applications. Look for the “Create Account” button on Nexo website or “Sign up” in VNDC app.


Complete the KYC procedure. For Nexo, you’ll need to enable the two-factor authentication to start using your account. Now you’re good to go for the next step.


Step 2: Deposit your crypto to Nexo Wallet

Go back to the main account page. “Top Up” the crypto you want to use as collaterals for your instant loan. Nexo currently accepts up to 18 kinds of popular crypto.

deposit crypto to Nexo Wallet

Step 3: Withdraw funds from Nexo to VNDC account

Choose to withdraw Credit Line to your USDT/USDC Wallet. Access VNDC application, copy the USDT/USDC wallet address and paste it to the withdrawal address box and confirm. It takes a few minutes for Nexo system to verify the transaction.

how to withdraw credit line funds

Step 4: Exchange stablecoins for VNDC

After receiving USDT/USDC in your VNDC account, you can exchange them for VNDC with the app’s Exchange feature. You can refer to the exchange rate on the feature’s interface.

how to withdraw to cash with VNDC app

Step 5: Withdraw VND to your bank accounts

Now, you can withdraw VND to your bank accounts by using the ‘Sell VNDC’ feature. Enter the amount of VNDC you want to sell and choose the bank account to receive money. VNDC currently supports over 40 largest commercial banks in Vietnam.

Sell VNDC for VND

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily get instant loans from Nexo platform and receive cash in VND by using VNDC Wallet. No longer having to sell away your crypto for quick cash, individual users and businesses can now obtain necessary funds in mere minutes instead of days dealing with conventional banks.

LiveTrade is honored to partner with Nexo and VNDC to offer this exclusive Instant Credit Line service to Vietnamese crypto users. What are you waiting for? Secure your loans now to get instant cash from Nexo!


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