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LiveTrade LTD was established with the goal to become the connection hub of the world’s financial markets rather than struggling to fight against thousands of competitors in the market. We offer a diversity of services, including funding, loans and financial and commercial assistance for small and medium-sized businesses that are hopeful of jumping into the immense international market.

By combining proficiency in traditional markets together with expertise in digital solutions, LiveTrade creates a new ecosystem where every business and individual can enjoy the best of both world.





Women investors

Women Investors

Investing is a great solution for wealth and financial security, but women investors seem to struggle with it more than men. Lower wages and a

What Makes LiveTrade App Special?

LiveTrade App is the first trading application for tokenized stocks in Vietnam. Taking full advantage of the booming stock market, LiveTrade App pursues to become

How to manage your portfolio

How to Manage Your Portfolio

1. What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a list of your investments. A well-planned and managed investment portfolio can help investors survive a personal