Our Story

Discover the story behind, and find out how our company grew from its roots by leaping to the treetops.


LiveTrade was founded with the belief that financial services should be fair, transparent, and inclusive. We believe that the size of a business should not be the constraint preventing it from flourishing and making a difference in the big picture of finance.

We understand that finance is complex. We see technology as an excellent facilitator of communication and process-driven work. That is why LiveTrade is fully compliant, technologically advanced and professionally structured to be able to connect and deploy interoperable multiple financial services, assemble connections and gateways, making them accessible from a single platform.

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LiveTrade is set out to bridge the world financial markets by developing fully-functioned and connected investment gateways that provide enterprises and investors the access to a whole new range of diverse and promising markets. By synthesizing blockchain advancement and our own knowledge of the current financial system, LiveTrade strives to set the changing wheel of the world in motion.


We seek to become the gateway of choice for worldwide enterprises and investors with a strong focus on building unparalleled features and superior business experience while staying fully compliant with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in each of the jurisdictions of our operations.


LiveTrade is working with the world’s largest exchanges, auditors, and other third-party institutions in order to deliver the most reliable and convenient ways to invest, grow and up-scaled your enterprises wherever you are. LiveTrade presents unique solutions to investors and companies around the world who are tailored towards approaching the broader markets.


A sword is only as good as its wielder – stringency and specialty are at the core of everything we do, LiveTrade’s team constantly and endurably maintain and uphold this value. Each and every one of our members, from our Board of Management down to our newest interns, has a passion for finance and a genuine desire to make every one of our projects for you absolutely perfect.

“Hard-working and working to the end.”


Le Pham

Chief Executive Officer

Sem Kokhuis

Lead Product Designer

Trang Tran

Chief Marketing Officer

Ana Ismaili

Chief Executive Officer

John Bui

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Riggs

Chief Executive Officer


One-of-a-kind Platform Construction

Powerful Business Model

Immensely Efficient Scalability

A bold Team with Global Vision

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