Our Story

Discover the story behind, and find out how our company grew from its roots by leaping to the treetops.

Where It All Began​

LiveTrade was founded with the belief that financial services should be fair, transparent, and inclusive and that business size should not be a constraint that prevents companies from receiving the funds. We’ve been running on that dream for years. Prior to joining LiveTrade, every one of us all had permanent secure jobs; however, the call to chase our dreams and start something of our own spoke louder to our hearts. We then became dream chasers.

We combined our expertise in business, economy, technology, entrepreneurship and most importantly, the passion to make dreams come true, and LiveTrade is the brainchild that we are fostering, aiming at a brighter future for not only the company itself but also bang-up values for the financial world.

We understand that finance is complex, we see technology as a great facilitator of communication and process-driven work, yet we are humans and as such we understand that clients, individuals or institutions, always want to have a reliable financial partner. The partner they need is not only a service that provides them with excellent products but also a friend, a collaborator accompanying them and support them in every aspect on their way to success.

After all, for each client, it’s not only about earning profit, it’s about being independent in the long-term, having time to enjoy life, chasing their life goals and being assured that his/her investments are guarded by a trustworthy company. 

That’s what we stand for and why we founded LiveTrade.

What do we do?

Being fully compliant, regulated and technologically advanced, Livetrade Exchange & Brokerage will connect and make interoperable multiple financial services, products and markets, existing and upcoming, to make them accessible from a single account.

To learn more about what we offer, check out our services.

How we work

LiveTrade is working with the world’s largest exchanges, brokerages, and other third-party institutions in order to deliver the most reliable and convenient way to trade and invest in financial assets. 

By combining proficiency in regulated markets together with expertise in blockchain technology, Livetrade presents unique solutions to traders and companies around the world that are tailored towards approaching the broader markets. 

Our Mission

LiveTrade’s mission is to bridge the world financial markets by developing an all-inclusive investment environment that allows people to trade between conventional financial instruments and digital assets in a unified platform at a low cost, at the right time, through the right channels, and in a legal and fully transparent fashion.

Our Vision

We seek to become the trading platform of choice for worldwide traders and investors with a strong focus on building unparalleled superior trading experience, advanced features and state-of-the-art trading tools while staying fully compliant with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in each of the jurisdictions of our operations.


There are no shortcuts. We believe in taking responsibility and owning the results. That’s why we’re constantly raising the bar and are never satisfied with “good enough.” We know that together we can achieve our goals.


Our people have always been, and will always be, our greatest strength. Their ambition and commitment to owning results is what fuels our success. Take a closer look at our team >>>

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