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The LIVE Wallet enables users to store and trade multiple assets from a mobile device or desktop as well as to transfer and exchange digital assets to fiat currencies and traditional assets without the need for multiple logins and 2FA verifications every time the user decides to execute a trade. All of your needs will be fulfilled by a single log-in and 2FA verification. This gives users complete control over their funds on each individual exchange through one central interface, thus increasing security of the users’ funds.

The LIVE wallet is designed to better connect users with their finances with a greater emphasis on monitoring and simple payment transactions and asset management while the trading application is a mobile, web and desktop application focused on the trading aspect.

In the future, the application will also provide easy access to collateral credit and be capable of making a payment with the use of the LiveTrade debit card or the NFC features of their smartphones. A user could use any asset supported by the exchange as a payment or collateral source. For instance, users will be able to pay their bill with their Apple stocks, Bitcoin, US Dollars, digital assets, or any collateral credit.

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With a low and transparent fee structure and various cutting-edge tools, LiveTrade users can employ crypto, fiat, and even stocks to access to an array of investment products. CFD trading is also available for certain assets.

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Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk, interests for long-term holders of certain cryptocurrencies, fiats or stocks, etc. are the services that you can enjoy. Fast settlement and simple, upfront costs ease the process even for beginners.

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Uyen LiveTrade


More products and features are under development. The market keeps evolving, and so do we.

• Asset Transfer from Brokers

• Conflict Resolution Process

• Auto Exchange

• Social Elements

• Portfolio Management

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Uyen LiveTrade

DIPO Service

LiveTrade’s DIPO service is a new equity-based alternative to traditional fundraising methods, encouraging small and medium-sized businesses to earn the necessary fund while still holding control over their destiny.

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Start-up Opportunity Support (SOS) allows startups to offer their tokens on our exchange. This enables access to a variety of flexible and powerful capital resources. Quick but thorough audit benefits both the startups and investors.

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