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Assets Transfer from External Brokers

Making transfers of assets within LiveTrade platform is extremely easy and fast. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop there; LiveTrade is developing a feature that allows users to transfer their stocks and other assets from their current brokers to LiveTrade without a hassle. Users then can take the benefits of various features and products offered by LiveTrade and continue their trading strategies without having to re-invest in the assets.

Conflict Resolution Process

If at least one of the parties believes that the deal’s terms and conditions have not been complied with, they may notify LiveTrade via a message within the LiveTrade Platform. LiveTrade will then provide notification to the other party (the “responding party”). If the responding party does not respond to LiveTrade’s notifications within five days of the first notification, the funds locked in the Smart Escrow will be transferred according to LiveTrade’s decision. That decision will be based on LiveTrade’s internal investigation of all of the conditions of the deal and all supporting documentation.

If an unsatisfied party begins the conflict resolution process, the LiveTrade team will review all details and documents regarding the transaction (if available). The team will then make contact with all parties and make every effort to resolve the conflict. LiveTrade will consider every dispute on a case-by- case basis and choose between mediation or arbitration “to resolve the conflict. LiveTrade’s conflict resolution team will consist of vetted high-skilled international lawyers. The conflict resolution process will be covered by the Smart Escrow fee, charged as a % of the value of the transaction.

Auto Exchange

Auto Exchange is one of the key features of the LiveTrade Exchange and the LIVE Wallet helping users to manage their highly volatile assets. This feature is similar to a stop-loss order or take-profit order used in traditional stock markets. Making an automatic conversion for a defined amount of cryptocurrency or stocks to fiat, if the market value moves to a certain pre-specified point, allows the user to lock in and secure profits”, ensures that losses are capped and allows for purchases at a desired price. Auto Exchange can:

– Make an automatic exchange of a predefined amount of user’s cryptocurrency or stocks to fiat, should relative prices hit a specified level.
– Make an automatic exchange of a predefined amount of user’s fiat into cryptocurrency or stocks, should relative prices reach a specified level.
– Make an automatic exchange of a predefined amount of user’s stocks into cryptocurrency or fiat should relative prices reach a specified level.

Social Elements

LiveTrade allows members to learn from other members’ trading strategies and benefit from their expertise. In its development, LiveTrade will feature group chats, categorized by topics, currencies etc. Real-time chat will allow users to share their knowledge and experience, communicate with others, ask for help or share a solution. Our goal is to bring various traders together in a social and interactive platform, where together users can share ideas, strategies and improve their trades together, as a result, increase the return on their investment.

The collaborative nature of the platform means that each participant in the LiveTrade ecosystem is incentivized to maximize profit on their trades and become an active member of the LiveTrade community. This way the community can grow, strive and become stronger in a truly win-win fashion.

Portfolio Management

Users will enjoy a complete asset management at their fingertips via LiveTrade’s easy-to-use tools, all available from a single dashboard. In addition to a full view of all their digital asset investment portfolio in a single place, they will be able to access detailed information on each asset class, real-time & historical market pricing data, set alert to better monitor the price movement of certain assets in real-time and get notified when the price crosses a certain threshold; subsequently, they can react quickly to events in the market.

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