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DIPO stands for Digital Initial Private Offerings, a new fundraising method powered by LiveTrade. Instead of going through complicated rules and regulations required by SEC for an initial public offering (IPO) or shouldering heavy debts from banks and bearing high cash flow cost every month, SMBs may go for another accessible and flexible choice of funding resource. DIPO is an economical time-saving alternative for all SMBs to earn the funds needed for business expansion.

As an SMB applies to join LiveTrade platform for a DIPO, the procedure begins:

  • LiveTrade reviews the application and performs full underwriting;
  • LiveTrade create digital shares based on the value of the SMB and generate an equity offer so that investors can review and decide whether to purchase the shares;
  • Investors trade the purchased shares on LiveTrade exchange at anytime and anywhere.

LiveTrade will be the bridge between SMBs and investors by providing underwriting service for SMB clients and, at the same time, an exchange for investors to trade those shares.

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With a low and transparent fee structure and various cutting-edge tools, LiveTrade users can employ crypto, fiat, and even stocks to access to an array of investment products. CFD trading is also available for certain assets.

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Uyen LiveTrade


More products and features are under development. The market keeps evolving, and so do we.

• Asset Transfer from Brokers

• Conflict Resolution Process

• Auto Exchange

• Social Elements

• Portfolio Management

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APAC – A Potential Market of LiveTrade

Global Market Insights has recently published a report claiming that the significant growth of the blockchain market in the Asia Pacific region origins from the optimization in the number of investments in blockchain-based companies.

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Start-up Opportunity Support (SOS) allows startups to offer their tokens on our exchange. This enables access to a variety of flexible and powerful capital resources. Quick but thorough audit benefits both the startups and investors.

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Uyen LiveTrade


No more spending hours comparing different exchanges’ prices. LiveTrade will use real-time market data and an advanced AI algorithm to select the optimum prices based on users’ demand to best care for our customers.

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