UK webinar highlighting post-pandemic investment opportunities in Vietnam

On June 18, the Asia Scotland Institute from the United Kingdom held a webinar highlighting Vietnam’s achievements in COVID-19 combat as well as post-pandemic business and investment opportunities in the country.       


Vietnamese ambassador in the UK webinar

Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK Tran Ngoc An (front, centre) and embassy staff join the webinar (Photo: VNA)

The webinar was chaired by Roddy Gow, the founder and chairman of the Asian Scotland Institute. In the workshop, there were major speakers such as the Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK Tran Ngoc An, several Vietnamese trade representatives in the UK, policy advisors, business representatives, and investors from the country.

The webinar attracted around 70 audiences who are individual investors and representatives from several universities, investment funds and enterprises in Scotland and northern Britain, Bnews reported.

Among which there were representatives from universities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling…, investment management firms such as Baillie Gifford, Dynamic Capital, Aberdeen Standard…and firms in consulting, health care, and technology.

Vietnam's investment opportunities to the UK
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two nations (Photo: The world and Vietnam report)

During the seminar, the major focus was on the success of Vietnam on the combat against the 2020 pandemic, the ongoing economic situation, and Vietnam’s policies to recover and develop the economy. Furthermore, the discussion highlighted the role of Vietnam in the region as Vietnam makes efforts to maintain a peaceful and stable environment, investment opportunities, and trade co-operation between Vietnam and the UK, according to VOV.

Workshop participants were really impressed at the achievements of Vietnam when the country recorded only 340 positive Covid-19 cases and no deaths. These data look even more impressive while Vietnam has a population of over 97 million and shares a long border with China.

Vietnam has a lot of investment opportunities

Vietnam is still considered one of the most positively growing economies in the region (Photo: International News)

At the event, Ambassador Tran Ngoc An emphasized that the success of Vietnam in dealing with Covid-19 pandemic has left lessons, and boosted Vietnam’s attractive image to international financiers who look for a stable and peaceful investment location alongside a safe political environment.

In addition, Ambassador Tran Ngoc An added that the determination of the Government and the people, the commitment and transparency of policies, the consistent co-ordination from the central to local levels, and the role of education and information have contributed to the success of Vietnam over the pandemic.

According to Ambassador An, the Covid-19 pandemic has left seriously negative impact on Vietnam’s economic growth targets, but the country is still considered one of the most positively growing economies in the region. Vietnam is anticipated to grow at least 6.8% in 2021.

He said that the webinar is one of the activities that the Embassy has coordinated with agencies and organizations in the UK to enhance co-operation between Vietnam and the UK. This is also to overcome the negative impacts of the pandemic amid strong relations in recent years. Indeed, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two nations, VNA reported.

Source: Vietnamtimes.

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