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Heroes TD to Create A Fantastic Tower Defense Strategy Gameplay

Heroes TD gameplay

With the desire to create a virtual world for players to both entertain and earn profits, the CG Studio team has developed Heroes TD – an NFT collectible tower defense strategy game. Heroes TD creates a fascinating universe for players to fight and win by collecting and building their own team of heroes.

Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend their bases. Accordingly, Heroes are the main playable assets of the game, considered as the primary battle power of each player. Each Hero is born with a different set of attributes, which determines his abilities. Depending on the combination, the Hero’s stats will differ.

In the beginning, each player is given a starter deck of 5 Basic Heroes. Players can use this starter deck to participate in PvP Arena and battle with other players to earn CGC for participating in Daily events, quests, etc. For higher levels of gameplay modes, players must obtain NFT Heroes to strengthen their decks. 

In addition to attractive graphics, Heroes TD satisfies users by its fascinating battle modes, including PvP Arena, Co-op, Challenge and Tournament. In each mode, players must follow specific rules to fight and become the winner. Special rewards are available for players who achieve a high ranking in the leaderboard as well.

Players can enjoy benefits while playing the game by earning HTD and CGC, which are the main tokens used for all in-game activities and the Marketplace. These tokens allow players to further improve their decks and participate in higher-level battles to become the best player. CGC can be earned when users participate in PvP Arena, Co-op, Challenges, Tournaments, and multiple tasks such as daily events and missions. On the other hand, HTD is harder to earn than CGC due to its higher value, and thus players can only earn HTD by winning PvP Leaderboard and trading in Marketplace.

About CG Studio

The CG Studio team was founded in 2013 as VGames and has introduced their products on multiple platforms, i.e: Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5, etc. Some of the popular titles include GunGun Online and Chess TD. These are mid-core strategy games with attractive gameplay, which have accumulated more than 6 million downloads on the mobile stores, and are still counting. 

With the mission of making a difference, the team focuses on creating quality and exclusive game content for players. In order to further polish and improve the game quality and player experience, they make use of the latest technologies and expand their team with experienced veterans in mobile games development. 

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