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Update gold price on May 10, 2024. It has simultaneously increased sharply in both domestic and world markets. Domestic gold has risen by more than 90 million VND/tael.

SJC gold price continues to increase “shockingly”; the selling price has reached close to the mark of 91 million VND/tael. At PNJ in the Ho Chi Minh City market, the buying-selling price of SJC gold bars is at 87.9-90.5 million VND/tael (buy-sell). DOJI Jewelry Group, SJC gold bar price in the Hanoi area increased by 1 million VND/tael in both directions, reaching 87.8-89.3 million VND/tael (buy-sell).

The gold price of HanaGold’s HANAGOLD 24K KIM KHONG TUOC (HNG) brand has also increased significantly in this price increase. HanaGold is a prominent unit in the field of gold, silver, and gemstones. The company owns an exclusive gold identification solution, helping customers check the origin and quality of gold accurately, quickly, and conveniently. Customers can buy gold directly, safely, quickly, and conveniently through the HanaGold application.

Gold Identification is HanaGold’s gold coin identification solution, preventing counterfeit gold with the 24k Kim Khong Tuoc gold coin product, integrating NFC technology to help customers identify assets, and ensuring safety for the owner. Each gold coin has an NFC chip with a unique serial number. When customers scan the gold coin on the HanaGold application and activate the identification, they can immediately check the owner’s information. Product origin, gold quality, activation history, and gold certificate.

In addition, fiat gold also contributes to transparency and fairness in gold transactions, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the gold market and contributing to the country’s socio-economic development. At the same time, applying this solution also opens up new prospects for the jewelry industry, promoting digital transformation and improving the quality standards of gold products.

Gold is not only a commodity product with high liquidity but also a storage asset and an important source of circulating capital, playing an undeniable role in the economy. Gold market management policies in Vietnam have received special attention from the government and authorities, helping the gold market develop steadily and contributing to socio-economic development. To promptly grasp the opportunity, investors can buy gold directly, safely, quickly, and conveniently through the HanaGold application.


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