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Winners of LiveTrade’s Biggest Airdrop Ever

The $5,000 airdrop event for the LiveTrade community has ended and the list of the luckiest members is finally here!

As an appreciation for the invaluable support of users during the past time, LiveTrade’s biggest airdrop event aims to provide users with amazing rewards. Specifically, by completing simple tasks in our gleam, LiveTraders can have a chance to receive BUSD, USDT, LTD, HTD, SPG, ADT, MOWA, BAMI, and other valuable NFTs with a total reward value of $5,000.

Now, we are so excited to announce the gleam winner list. Check the link below to find the luckiest. 

Please find the winner list here.

Congratulations! Users will be able to receive the rewards within 36 hours from the time of this announcement. If you are amongst the winner list, please follow our channels for instruction on claiming your rewards.

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