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Urgent Notice on KRC20 DApp’s Farming and Staking Pools

Important notice on LiveTrade DApp

Dear LiveTraders,

The staking and farming pools on LiveTrade DApp had stopped rewarding on Oct 03, 2021 as previously noticed. This is the preparation step for a mass update in a few days.

Please unstake LP tokens and harvest your rewards before 2:00 PM Oct 08, 2021 (GMT+7) or you will lose all rewards.

The unharvested reward will be unrecoverable after this time. The LiveTrade team is not responsible for any losses that may be incurred by any users due to not unstaking and harvesting on time. Please remember to claim your rewards to enjoy the most benefits you deserve.

In case you encounter any error or problems, please contact us via our Telegram group and fill in this form (with as much information as you have) to help us troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible, all for your benefit.

New farming and staking pools will soon be back along with a brand new DApp. Follow us so you won’t miss any important announcements and appealing opportunities!


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