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Official Announcement: System Cyberattack Investigation

Dear LiveTraders,

On December 17, 2021, our system experienced serious problems leading to high volatility in the price of LTD token. Immediately after detecting the issue, LiveTrade has temporarily suspended the DApp for a comprehensive investigation and published notices and warnings in order to minimize the damage to our users and the ecosystem. We will deploy new smart contracts to avoid possible issues. Any users who performed transactions after our warning shall be at their own risk.

Initial investigation has shown that there is a high possibility of a data breach. The team is working with several security partners to find out the root cause and will take further actions to protect our users. Final conclusion and remedy will be announced promptly after we finish the investigation procedure. We will do our best to bring LTD back to the value before the incident.

LiveTrade highly appreciates the prompt support from our partner ONUS in handling the situation. We would like to express our gratitude for the long-term support of investors and the community during difficult times. The team is figuring out the best policy possible to protect our long-term supporters.


The LiveTrade team


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