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Notice: Action on DIPO projects

Dear LiveTraders,

As a regular internal audit procedure to follow and review past DIPO projects, LiveTrade has worked with the core teams of projects that deployed tokens using our model. It is held by the team that one of the projects – Big Digital Shares (BDS) token project – has changed its orientation in comparison to the initial information provided to LiveTrade for appraisal.

The LiveTrade team, therefore, decided to delist the BDS token project as the project cannot ensure the criteria that were agreed upon between both parties. This is also an effort to avoid misunderstanding and misuse of information in the future.

By this action, LiveTrade would like to emphasize that we will protect our users by conducting periodic reviewing and re-assessment over all DIPO projects, strictly request each and every project to comply with the prescribed undertakings and operate the project in accordance with the defined roadmap. Any project that does not follow the guidelines provided by LiveTrade and/or changes its course will be delisted from our network, and we may take further actions to protect investors’ interests and rights.

In any of these cases, LiveTrade will make the best effort to announce and inform our community of our decision to make sure that the DIPO model is a trustworthy choice for our users.


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