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More Features & Privileges for NFT Holders

To prepare for upcoming features, the LiveTrade team has decided to add more functions and use cases to the Membership NFTs. Please follow the instruction below to swap your NFTs and be ready to enjoy the rain of benefits to come.

What you need to do:

Transfer your current NFTs to address 0xc68ae9C25F8D9112A51DDb77280525F62FC0c49e by accessing the My NFTs feature.

What you will get:

  • Swapped BEP-721 NFTs will be minted to the corresponding senders (BEP-20 wallet) with full redeeming rightswithin 72 hours after we receive the old-version NFTs.

What’s new about this NFT version:

  • All NFTs remain redeemable even after transfer, meaning that any later owners reserve the right to redeem the NFTs for LTD token at any time;
  • Your NFTs are now sellable and sharable (with new features to be released in a few weeks).


  • KRC-20 users shall import their wallets to Binance Smart Chain following this instruction to get their swapped NFTs.
  • Only the new NFTs are whitelisted for the private share of upcoming partnering projects.

Join our channels and communities to get support with swapping your NFTs:


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