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LTD is now on KardiaChain!

The LiveTrade Tokens (LTD) will be issued on KardiaChain (KRC20) in an effort to bring LTD to one of the most active communities within its ecosystem. We’re excited as our token will be available to another audience in just a few hours after the launch. All existing and new #LTD buyers and holders will soon be able to enjoy outstanding products & services offered by both parties with extremely low fees and seamless experience.

To celebrate this milestone, there will be a KAIRDROP campaign for $KAI holders. Details will be updated in our next posts.

About KardiaChain

As one of LiveTrade’s strategic partners, KardiaChain is a blockchain infrastructure that helps connect other blockchains. They invent non-invasive, cross-chain technology to create hybrid blockchain solutions, working with major service providers to blockchain-ize conventional business models. They aim to solve the problem of fragmentation in existing blockchain ecosystems, creating a unified platform that combines all participants’ strengths to pave the way for global blockchain mass-adoption.


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