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LiveTrade Partners with VNDC to Deploy DIPO Model and Nexo Lending Service in Vietnam

With a goal of building a financial & investment solutions platform named DIPO and distributing the Instant Credit Line service powered by Nexo, today LiveTrade announced a strategic collaboration with VNDC, the first stablecoin-based trading platform for Vietnamese in the world. VNDC believes that this partnership will help to ensure customers’ trust in VNDC Wallet and seize the opportunity to work with other LiveTrade’s reputed partners.

Strategic collaboration’s main goals

On the ground of coordinating to build a new platform by Blockchain technology, LiveTrade and VNDC will cooperate in building a unique digital financial model called Digital Private Offering (DIPO) which enables small and medium sized-businesses (SMBs) to raise their capital quickly, easily and economically by attracting foreign investors. The collaboration will be performed according to the terms below:

  • VNDC will provide necessary methods, products and technologies to build and help LiveTrade in digital trading operations. In return, LiveTrade will perform business appraisals, develop business models and directly work with businesses and investors to ensure a fair, transparent investment environment.
  • Together, VNDC and LiveTrade will deploy Nexo’s exclusive service: Instant Credit Line service in Vietnam. With this, users in Vietnam can easily make instant crypto-backed loans from Nexo though LiveTrade and withdraw their credit to Vietnamese bank accounts in VNĐ through VNDC Wallet. Moreover, with Nexo being a trust partner to LiveTrade, VNDC can deposit part of its assets to Nexo and inherit the $100 million custody warranty (BitGo).
  • LiveTrade will become VNDC’s official partner (Diamond-level partner) in the US to deploy VNDC trading services to users in the US as well as other countries around the globe. VNDC stablecoin is not made only for Vietnamese, but also for everyone who loves and wants to invest in Vietnam market. LiveTrade will support VNDC in the mission of making VNDC the main trading tool for Vietnamese and crypto investor communities in the world.

About LiveTrade

LiveTrade is a Fintech founded in February 2019, located in Delaware, US. LiveTrade was established with a mission of bringing new financial solutions to individuals and businesses in the US as well as around the world, helping them cease investment and trading opportunities otherwise impossible to reach due to the differences in financial framework, complex procedures, and costly processes. LiveTrade is defined as a digital ecosystem that enables users to access to diverse financial market, to safely and swiftly buy, sell and accumulate multiple kinds of assets, including digitalized and real assets. For the time being, LiveTrade operates as bridge between foreign investors and Vietnamese enterprises.

About VNDC

VNDC is a Fintech company founded in July 2019, located in Singapore. VNDC is a digital platform that issues the first Vietnamese stablecoin in the world. Its mission is to bring Vietnam market closer to Blockchain technology’s implications, especially the Cryptocurrency, and help Vietnamese crypto investors sell, buy and accumulate Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other crypto coins through using VNDC stablecoin which value is always on par with VND (1 VNDC=1 VND). VNDC is backed 100% in Vietnamese Fiat currency (VND) and has associated with major commercial banks in Vietnam. VNDC is powered by Blockchain Technology on ERC-20 standard Ethereum platform and BEP-2.0 standard Binance Chain, capable of generating very highly secured and transparent trades. Currently, VNDC ranks 2nd in the amount of stablecoin holders in Ethereum network and has been listed on exchanges such as Nami Exchange, ExMarkets, FinexBox…


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