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📢 LiveTrade would like to announce that LP will be transferred from PancakeSwap to ONUS Chain, particularly on ONUS Wallet, as follows:

Time: from February 10th, 2023 to April 10th, 2023


➡ LiveTrade will focus on developing projects on the ONUS chain and reducing the total supply.

➡ The amount of token after withdrawal is used for conversion and development on the ONUS chain

➡ Users holding LTD tokens on the Binance Smart Chain may have to transfer back to ONUS Chain to make transactions.

✨ In addition, FUNDGO – A strategic investment fund in LiveTrade, is actively supporting the project of restructuring and rebuilding the new management board to operate more actively and effectively. LiveTradei would like to express gratitude to our partners and customers for have been trusting and accompanying us so far.


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