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HTD Whitelist Result on LiveTrade DApp

HTD whitelist announcement

The whitelist program for HTD private sale on LiveTrade DApp has ended with huge support from the community. This is the first exclusive privilege for our loyal investors. We are excited to announce the eligible wallet addresses and allocations, and congratulations to those lucky LiveTraders!

Participants can check out their eligibility here or verify their status on the DApp.

Instructions on participation:

– Whitelisted users shall pay an amount of BUSD corresponding with your whitelisted NFT and a fee of 500 LTD.

– Purchase period: 12:00 PM November 28 – 8:00 PM November 28, 2021 (UTC+7)

– Venue:


1. Each user can only purchase once with an amount corresponding to their whitelisted NFT.

2. HTD tokens will be distributed in accordance with the vesting policy for the private sale of HeroesTD. 

3. For each vesting period, the tokens will be claimable after 24 hours from the time LiveTrade receives the tokens from HeroesTD. Users must return to LiveTrade DApp (Binance Smart Chain) to claim their vested HTD. 

4. In case of late payment, whitelisted users will lose their right to join the private sale and the whitelisted NFTs will be returned with full redeemability to the owners within 48 hours after the payment period.

In case of inquiry, feel free to contact us at 


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