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Announcement: LiveTrade Entered into Strategic Partnership with TagoVerse

Partnership with TagoVerse

LiveTrade is glad to announce our strategic partnership with TagoVerse– the first platform to apply blockchain technology in the field of mental healthcare.

Inspired by the “Play to Earn” and “Move to Earn” trends, the Tago team plans to launch the “Talk to Earn” feature. As its name suggests, the feature allows users to earn rewards by talking with the AI TagoSoul – the world’s first NFT virtual mental assistant.

Entering this partnership, LiveTrade hopes to make our users more accessible to an appealing platform that can help them improve their mental health and earn attractive rewards. Besides, the cooperation is expected to widen both parties’ partner networks as well as create more benefits for the communities.

About TagoVerse

With Blockchain technology, Tago plans to be the world’s first Mental Metaverse. Users can buy TagoSoul which is the first NFT AI Mental Assistant, and talk to TagoSoul to reduce stress, share their problems, relax, and also earn tokens. The “Talk to Earn” system can create motivation for users to be a citizen in TagoVerse. After GameFi, MoveFi, Tago’s TalkFi is expected to be the next big thing in the crypto world.

Learn more about TagoVerse at:


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