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Announcement: DIPO model will be deployed on Bami Protocol

LiveTrade is working with the founder team of Bami Protocol to deploy the DIPO (Digital Initial Private Offering) on the Bami platform.

From December 2020 to March 2021, 8 projects have been conducted on VNDC DIPO feature – a collaboration between LiveTrade and VNDC platform in order to assess the efficiency of the DIPO model. By far, all the DIPO projects previously deployed on VNDC platform have received positive responses from the community and achieved certain success. The projects have been sincerely developed at a stable pace and initial commitments have been fulfilled.

As the next step to expand the scale of the model and fully blockchainize its fundraising mission, LiveTrade continues to approach several platforms. It is a pleasure for LiveTrade to join hands with the professional team of Bami Protocol and we pin our hopes on this partnership.

DIPO projects on Bami Protocol will be run with a new way of offering – a fully automated method that will guarantee fairness and the decentralizing property of blockchain technology. Details will be revealed in subsequent statements.

The model is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2021.

About Bami Protocol

Bami Protocol is a multichain financial application aims to bring permissionless money solutions to the mass, built to integrate interchain solutions in savings, payment, trading, money market, etc. Bami focuses on user experience first and foremost. The Bami team believes that everyone should enjoy self-sovereign and financial independence, and decentralized finance is the utmost solution.


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