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7 million LTD on BSC burned for issuance on KardiaChain

A total of 7 million LiveTrade Tokens (LTD) originally issued on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) has been burned. The same amount has been minted on KardiaChain (KRC20 standard) in order to expand LiveTrade’s user base and offer additional benefits to a new community.

The conversion rate of LTD between Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain is now 1:1. With this stable rate being established, the LiveTrade ecosystem is heading to another growth phase with fair rights and equal benefits for LTD holders on both chains.

The burn events are conducted to comply with the total max supply of 500 million LTD.

Burn events can be check at

Hash: 0x2efc75ddf4342823427c6bfb1430360c631bf1ff3e40a99dd83f99c878b0591a

About KardiaChain

As one of LiveTrade’s strategic partners, KardiaChain is a blockchain infrastructure that helps connect other blockchains. They invent non-invasive, cross-chain technology to create hybrid blockchain solutions, working with major service providers to blockchainize conventional business models. They aim to solve the problem of fragmentation in existing blockchain ecosystems, creating a unified platform that combines all participants’ strengths to pave the way for global blockchain mass adoption.


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